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Financial Insights

Graduation Presents and Wedding Gifts: 8 Money Saving Tips for June

As we get ready for summer vacations and the last day of school, June also signals the start of graduation parties and the wedding season. Planning now for these added expenses can help you keep within your budget, not overspending on the last-minute gifts or straining your credit card.

When I find myself thinking about how to join in the celebration without causing a financial strain on my spending plan, I remind myself of these tips that enable me to be generous but budget-friendly.  Read More.

What Does “Financial Success” Mean and How Do We Get There?

Many times over the years, people have asked me, “How can I be more financially successful?”

Each of us has a different understanding of what financial success is. When I was younger, I believed that simply being older allowed for a comfortable bank account, but now I know that having a plan for your money is essential to financial well-being. It’s not just a matter of earning more as you age and trading your youth for this level of stability.  Read More.

A Vision for Your Future

My niece called me on Christmas Eve.

“We found one” she said with excitement. “We found a house that we have visualized as being our first home.” My niece and her husband had recently begun the search for a house to replace their cramped rental apartment. The excitement in her voice was a pleasure to hear, but one of her words stood out to me. They had visualized it.  Read More.

To Cosign or Not to Cosign: It’s a Big Question

When I got the itch to buy my first new car, I asked my dad if he would cosign with me. He responded with a lecture and a threat. The lecture started with, “If I do this, you better make the payments on time” and “If you think you are going to be one day late, I want to know about it.” He went on to explain that if I missed a payment it would impact his credit report, not just mine. He also was clear that if he had to make a payment, the car would be his for that month. At the time, this sounded harsh, but in retrospect, it was actually good advice. Read More.

Is Zero Percent Financing a Good Deal?

Everyone wants a good deal. When shopping for a new vehicle, you might find yourself asking, “What is a better deal than zero percent financing?” This sounds like a tremendous offer, but with a little bit of research, consumers may find that there are better options available. Read More.