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Wire Transfers

You can wire money to anywhere in the United States with Call Federal’s wire transfers.

Fees are:
  • Outgoing Domestic wires: $20
  • Incoming wires: $5
If you are wiring funds out of the credit union you will need the following information:
  • Name of financial institution 
  • City, State 
  • ABA Routing/Transit Number 
  • Any special routing instructions 
  • Name of the recipient 
  • Account number and physical address of the recipient 
Please note that some wires require three stages of instructions:
  • Financial institution information 
  • Intermediate corporate name and account number 
  • To final credit of the recipient's name and account number 
Please click here for Incoming Wiring Instructions. Outgoing wires must be initiated in person.
Please call the Member Service Department at 804-274-1200 (or toll free at 1-800-796-2328) or email Member Services for more information.